Clipping Path / Retouching

Basically, Clipping Path is an image background removal service which is the most important part of any eCommerce store. For instance, 85% of shoppers say that color is primary reason of consumers to buy a product and 38% consumers want to see white background. 66% consumers won’t buy product unless it comes in their preferred color. That’s why you should change your product background to white. Clipping service is usually done by Photoshop using pen tool and masking.

At Elektra Graphics, You will get accurate, clean and high quality service. Also, you will get resizing and crop service absolutely free! We will cut out your product image(s) using pen tool of Photoshop by hand. Then, set it on a new background (white background recommended). This will help changing the product into your consumers’ preferred color. Consequently, your sales will increase and your business will grow!